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I had a CT scan on December 28, 2018 and got the results on January 8. That wait leads to a few anxious moments and at least one sleepless night, and this time was no different.

I got great results again, with tumors shrinking by ~30% and no indication that the cancer has spread. YES!

I pick up new bits of information each time I visit the doctor. This time I learned that, while we anticipate that I’ll be doing Keytruda for ~one year and then monitor, monitoring means scans every three to four months – forever. I knew I had to be monitored, but Jesus, I didn’t expect the frequency, Kenneth. Again, that concept of not curing but managing rears its ugly head.

99% of the time I can completely forget that I have cancer. That 1% weighs surprisingly heavy.

One of the times Lara and I saw Wilco was at the Ryman Auditorium when she was pregnant with Sadie. That’s the first I remember of being totally sucked in to this song. And it was a great show except that the guy sitting next to us smelled so bad Lara had to move to keep from throwing up. He really did smell that bad. We ended up watching from various spots around the room, which I always did at R.E.M. shows too. Which just goes to show, a different perspective can be a good thing. A fitting thought for this blog.

Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
Be kind.

5 thoughts on “Jesus, etc

  1. robbye brooks says:

    I just come here for the music—-hahahaha!!! Really enjoying the blog, Tony.
    I’m familiar with that 1%; the good news is that you are just the right person to overcome that 1%. Cheers, my friend.

  2. Jade Timmerman says:

    Came to check in today and I was happy to see the good news. This is one of my favorite wilco songs too and I got to hear them perform it for the first time a year or two ago.
    I think about you from time to time! Glad you’re doing well.

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