Straight Down

PET scan came back with the positive results we were hoping for – lymph nodes in my neck totally normal, nodes in my chest decreased in size by 40% – after only three treatments. For now it looks like treatments every three weeks for a year and then monitor. I told Mike, and several people since, it feels like I’m getting away with something.
I’ll take it.
All day, every day.

Dr Nik told me that one node wasn’t responding to treatment but that it was nothing to worry about. Shout out to my back-up line Lisa and Silpa for explaining that the node in question is inflamed because it’s “doing it’s job”. That node isn’t cancerous and shouldn’t be expected to respond to treatment.

Sorry for the delay in posting results, I’ve gotta let it happen on its own, which usually means waiting for the right song to hit me.

While the title is apropos of nothing, I do love this song and it really captures Athens for me. I’m not sure who created this video – or whether Ross knew about it, but I think he’d like it. It makes me smile – film footage from the night The Glands opened for Big Star’s Third on College Square, audio from the record.

^—- watching uncle Mikey play live for the first time, in Big Star’s Third; from a trailer on College Square.

In memory of Ross and in celebration of the New West release of the Glands box set – rock on!

Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
Be kind.

7 thoughts on “Straight Down

  1. Mary says:

    Tony, awesome news!!!! Love your blog. It’s so inspiring and you’re introducing your cousin to a lot of great music!!! Just like the 8 tracks you use to share with Daddy. Sending tons of love and prayers!❤️🙏❤️
    Love, Mary and Liam

  2. Mary M. Middleton says:

    I am so happy you called me felt like yesterday we were kids in school….37 years…I have been reading your blog by the fire with a Mitchers bourbon in Hand. To be devastated and then thrilled by your news in 30 minutes. What a ride. I look forward to reading about your journey…don’t forget to check out Power on Spotify!
    Have a great time at the game tonight. You will be in my prayers! I am so hopeful that the good news will continue. Much love,

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