Another Chance

I picked this song to be played at my funeral long ago, way before being diagnosed. I’m a long way from a funeral (unless I get hit by a bus), but I try to live by this philosophy.
Feels like I’m doing pretty good with it.

Had my PET scan yesterday, will get/discuss results with Dr Nik on Tuesday. I have no reason to expect anything other than good news, as I feel great and the nodes in my neck are GONE.

The last few weeks have been all about hanging with Sadie. And we’ve had a great time!

We saw HAROLD AND MAUDE at Ciné – it was really fun talking about that; and made our annual trip to Sanford Stadium to watch the Dawgs. This year we saw UGA – Tennessee. (We’re 1-0! – “they” should’ve flown us to Baton Rouge)
As with concerts/movies I suggest, she’s got a great attitude – it’s about doing things with dad. I appreciate her company.

CMS Volleyball season ended as a total success – she got to play regularly and played well. She tried out for the Classic City Volleyball club team, and not only made the team, coach moved her up a level. Looks like we’ll be hitting the road for tournaments this winter/spring. Super excited for her.

We spent a night at Tate, so she got to hang with her dog in a happy place. Initially disappointed that she didn’t get to swim (the water was chilly), she made the “best S’more ever”. The importance of the relationship between me, her and this dog cannot be overstated. Having the chance to take advantage of this place was awesome. Thanks for the use of the cabin, Laird.

Our parent/teacher conference at Clarke Middle was great. With everything going on, and that she “hates middle school” (who didn’t, kiddo?), that she can get the work done is huge.
And of course she makes her mark.


We had dinner and a movie with “uncle Mikey”, then built a fire and carved pumpkins. She loved Mike’s comment that watching us carve pumpkins was only slightly more exciting than watching paint dry, as he headed for the door. I love her delayed chuckle, long after the comment. Comes with the DNA I guess.

So, the original title of this post was Tend My Garden, because that’s what I’ve been doing – tending my garden by hangin’ with my people, laughing, learning. Don’t wanna ask for another chance.

Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
Be kind.

6 thoughts on “Another Chance

  1. Steph says:

    Glad to hear how well you are doing! My family has a cabin in Blairsville that you are welcome to use anytime too. Sadie sounds awesome!

  2. Carol says:

    Love it — another chance. That’s all we can ask for. “Don’t want to die asking for another chance.” That resonates with me too. It’s why I am where I am now. Thanks.

  3. Will Deaver says:

    Tony – I had thought through time and distance we were past me learning stuff from you. It’s a gift to have you sharing your experience again with someone “younger” (younger than some anyway ;-). Health, kids, life, music, friends, movies, sports, dogs, pumpkins…shared experiences that help us relate and learn. Getting some great ideas (again) from the master. Thanks! Thinking about you and looking forward to the next one.

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