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Pratt CassitySince meeting Tony in early 2000 and helping him lead the Community Approach to Planning Prince Avenue (CAPPA) process, I have seen that Tony works tirelessly to improve Athens – he knows and loves our town.
Tony asks the right questions and is willing to work cooperatively to reach consensus, but will stand firm for the things he believes in. Tony is inquisitive and seeks expert advice. He will listen and then make fair decisions. That’s exactly what we need for our local government to work.

Pratt Cassity
Athens, GA


Aaron DavisIn all of my five years studying at the University of Georgia, I can honestly say that Tony Eubanks is one of the most influential people I was able to meet.  I had the absolute privilege to to work with Tony Eubanks for an entire year, as he helped not only tutor, but teach me everything I needed to know about accounting.  The accounting courses are amongst the toughest classes in UGA’s business majors, and because of Tony, I was not able to pass, but exceed in both of them.  What stood out to me the most over the year of tutoring, was no matter who the student was, or the issue they had, Tony was always prepared and fully capable of finding a solution.  He is one of the hardest working men I know, which was evident in his long hours and willingness to go the extra mile when students needed more attention.  It’s a pleasure to call Tony Eubanks a friend of mine and I have complete confidence that he would make an exemplary Commissioner.

Aaron Davis
Defensive Back
BBA – Finance, 2016


I have worked with Tony Eubanks on a number of community and neighborhood issues over the years, from Prince Avenue initiatives to Protect Downtown Athens. He listens, he cares, he does his homework, he works hard and is results-oriented, he works well with others as a member of a team. With this useful combination of skills, Tony Eubanks is already recognized as a community leader in Athens; these same skills will help him quickly become an effective commissioner representing the interests of his district as well as the community more broadly.

Although he has strong interests in areas like economic development and public education, Tony is best known for his relentless advocacy on making our town more safely walkable, with transportation, infrastructure and planning policies to enhance our quality of life. His knowledge and work in this area has led to some tangible wins in recent years— I look forward to his ability to effect real change to increase as a commissioner. Tony Eubanks has prepared for this role over his many years of volunteer service— this is the right time for his offer to serve in the finest tradition of citizen representatives in Athens. We will get a great local representative who will work hard and accomplish good things.

Bertis Downs


Patterson Hood and Tony I’ve known Tony Eubanks for nearly 25 years.
I worked for him at The High Hat Music Club and we have remained friends ever since.
We’ve worked together on numerous occasions – some for music, some for politics. In every case, Tony has shown himself to be a smart and effective leader, who knows how to work with others to get things done.
Tony has high ideals for our beloved town and has long been a true asset for Athens, and it’s my hope that he’ll be elected as District 3 Commissioner.

Patterson Hood
Drive-By Truckers, writer and solo performer, former sound engineer – High Hat Music Club


Tony Eubanks with Josh KoonsI lived in Athens for over 25 years before I met Tony Eubanks. During that time, while I didn’t know him personally, I knew his name. I remember thinking to myself “This guy is perpetually on a mission” whenever his name would pop up relative to one cause or another.
Tony and I actually met and became friends during our tenure together on the Chase Street PTO. For two years, Tony and I worked closely together to work toward improvements that benefitted not only the school but the surrounding neighborhood, who would use the playgrounds after school and on weekends. It was during this time that I came to respect Tony’s effectiveness for getting things done. He had no shortage of ideas for improvements and would work tirelessly toward implementing them.
Many of these efforts were aimed at providing additional support for teachers so they could go above and beyond for the students. His contacts within the community would allow him to easily identify the necessary resources that would allow us to get things done. As importantly, Tony worked hard on making sure our budget was sustainable relative to current year and future spending. All in all, it was an effort that had a positive outcome for everyone involved—students, faculty, staff and the adjacent neighborhood.
Tony once described himself to me as “rough around the edges but to the point”. At times, I certainly wouldn’t disagree with that. The reality is that Tony actually has a big heart, and genuinely cares about the greater good. He is definitely on a mission—a mission to maintain and improve the quality of life in Athens.

Josh Koons
Koons Environmental Design, Inc.


I have known Tony Eubanks for over 17 years and worked closely with him during our overlapping service on the Board of Community Connection here in Athens. Over the years, I have also observed his dedicated efforts as an interested citizen to make our town a better place in which to live. I know him to be extremely community-minded, a very hard worker, acutely committed to inclusiveness and quite bright. I have every confidence that he will serve us well as an Athens-Clarke County Commissioner. I urge the voters of District 3 to give their support to a person who I am convinced will be a superb representative of their interests and the broader interests of our community.

Paul Kurtz
Faculty member at UGA Law 1975-2013
Associate Dean, 1992-2013
Recipient, UGA President’s Medal, 2015
Criminal Law, Family Law, Constitutional Law


Andy LandersIt is rare to find a person who puts the needs of others ahead of his/her own, but Tony Eubanks is such as a person. For years I and my student athletes benefited by his guidance and expertise. But it was his ability to care about others, recognize their needs and guide them towards a successful goal that was amazing. We placed our trust in Tony and he never let us down. I always found him to be honest and straightforward which are qualities I respect.

Andy Landers
Lady Bulldogs Basketball, Former Head Coach


I am happy to endorse Tony Eubanks for District 3 commissioner. I have known Tony for 6 years, formally, but really much longer than that through his support of all things Athens.
I first worked with Tony on a teacher grant committee at Chase Street Elementary. On this committee Tony listened to the needs of school and teachers and helped to meet these within the budget of the school PTO. When necessary he came up with creative solutions, such as directly approaching businesses for nonmonetary donations and asking local experts to donate their time.
I got to know Tony better as an officer on the Chase Street PTO. He worked tirelessly for the school and much of his hard work and many of his ideas remain in place to benefit the school and community. I believe Tony will show the same energy and dedication to the community as a county commissioner for District 3.

Amy Medlock
Associate Professor – UGA, soccer Mom


I’ve worked with Tony on non-profit community boards and organizations for nearly two decades, and my respect for his dedication, leadership and expertise has only grown.

From our time together on the Community Connection board to our more recent work as officers on the Chase Street School PTO, I’ve consistently been impressed by the energy and commitment that Tony brings to every project he undertakes. Moreover, Tony’s deep roots in Athens allow him to foster collaborations and partnerships that yield surprisingly creative solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

I’m so excited for Tony to take his community service to the next level as District 3’s Commissioner. I’ve seen up-close what Tony can do for an organization, and I can’t wait to see him put his knowledge and talent to work for our whole community!

Myra Moore
Terry College of Business, UGA


Tony Eubanks is already a devoted ambassador for the Athens community at large and he will make a terrific Commissioner. He has proven himself an effective advocate for a wide variety of programs to improve the quality of life in Athens as he pursues policies of fairness, access, and creativity that will benefit us all. I met Tony initially thanks to his selfless involvement in the Ciné movie theater. He was one of the earliest and most dedicated members of the Board of Directors and as President of the Athens Film Arts Institute he helped launch Ciné as a viable non-profit. He also saw how important Ciné could be for the ongoing development of that corner of Athens. Over the years I have been impressed with his energy and optimism. Tony Eubanks is always looking to improve things for all of us and he will keep Athens moving forward as a place we all are proud to call home.

Richard Neupert
Ciné Board Member & local film scholar


I first worked with Tony 20 years ago at Community Connection; he served as President of the Board of Directors when I was hired there for my first post-college job. More recently, we worked together on Chase Street Elementary School Council. As both Board and Council President, Tony was focused on fiscal responsibility and sustainability. In both roles, he showed the ability not only to identify and prioritize issues but also to find meaningful solutions. Tony is a tireless advocate for the causes in which he believes. Tony brings passion, a diverse skill set, values, empathy, energy and experience to everything he does, and I believe Athens will be a better place with Tony Eubanks on the Commission.

Amanda Lou Newton
working mother, hospice social worker


I cannot think of many people that care more about and work harder for Athens than Tony Eubanks.
I’m always amazed at how much he is involved in just about everything going on in our neighborhood in addition to his busy tutoring schedule and being a kick-ass father. I am a 6th generation Athenian and my family has almost always lived in the Boulevard area. I am both scared and excited about how fast our Athens is growing…especially District 3. Tony has been instrumental in easing the stress caused by near-constant development pressure while making our neighborhood and streets safer. I guess you could say that Tony has ‘midwifed’ me through these growing pains.
He knows how to work with people and I know he will continue to guide our growth as District 3 Commissioner.
Tony E for District 3!

Christy O’Reilly
mother, nurse midwife, native Athenian


Terin SmithTony Eubanks has been a great friend and mentor to me since my days as a Georgia bulldog football player. During my tenure at Georgia, he served as my tutor in my most challenging classes-Accounting. Tony’s no-nonsense approach and great skillfulness in the subject matter was a great boon to me, and assisted me in passing those courses. As a Georgia graduate and now State Farm agent, I STILL use many of the tools and problem solving skills that he taught me during our sessions. He has a diverse skill set and has the unique ability to work well with and relate to people from all different backgrounds. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many people over the years, and I can truthfully say that Tony Eubanks is one of the hardest working, diligent, most passionate advocates that I’ve known. He is definitely an asset to have in your corner in any situation, and that is why I believe he would be a great commissioner.

Terin Smith
Former Defensive End, UGA
BSED-Business Education
State Farm Agent


Tony Eubanks with Jennifer ZwirnI have had the pleasure of working with Tony in various capacities for nearly 20 years. In our volunteer efforts and community involvement, Tony and I often have drastically different perspectives, and yet somehow, Tony listens to my perspective and works with me to arrive at a solution that often works for both sides. He is dedicated to the community and is passionate and committed about serving his district regardless of appointment. I wholeheartedly support his run for commission because I believe he can make a positive impact in Athens as a commissioner.

Jennifer Zwirn
DABA (Downtown Athens Business Association) board member, Vice President
AthFest exec board member, Treasurer
CFO of Prodigies Childcare management, co-owner of 4 small businesses in Athens
Vice President, Athens First Bank and Trust