Wild Horses

Hi, welcome back; sorry to have been away for awhile.

I’ve floated for two weeks on our trip to Cumberland (see what I did there with the musical selection). Things are still going well and I’m looking forward to Spring break and beyond.

On the medical front – another scan scheduled for the first week of April; Dr Nik prefers a Pet scan, insurance may only cover a CT. We shall see. Either way, things seem to be going very well. I feel great.

my mother and her siblings; 20+ years ago

Went to Augusta tonight for my late uncle Dick’s 100th birthday party (second from left, back row; Big Jane – my mother – first row, far right). My aunt Louise (next to Big Jane) has organized several of these types of events in recent years. I see them as her attempt for us to get together for something besides a funeral, and very much appreciate her doing so. Great to see so many of my first cousins attending from as far as Portland, OR.

Happy to hear that y’all are following and appreciate the humor, music and updates. As Big Jane always said, “at least we all like each other”.


Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Be kind.

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