Put the Message in the Box

Four plus months into this bump in the road and I feel better, mentally and physically, than I have in years. The mental part is key, which is why, for the foreseeable future, I’ll be updating more on that angle than the physical.

First on the list is Sadie.
We worked together beautifully in getting her lotion inventory ready for the Christmas season. Together meaning I drove and paid for supplies, she did the work and made the sales, then reimbursed me for the supplies. She cleared enough to buy Christmas presents with her own money (3 years in a row!). A shout out to Irena Epling for inviting her to the HiLo market again this year.

She made a point to come help decorate the Christmas tree Sunday. While I appreciated the help with the tree, her singing along with Darlene Love and Ronnie Spector was sublime. She single-handedly got me in the Christmas spirit. Hell, I may even go to another Christmas party!

She had last week off from Club Volleyball, but the first three weeks of “voluntary” practice were intense. The competitive nature of club offers a great opportunity for growth – both physically and, more importantly, mentally. She’s responding really well to both.

I’m on break from school until January; wrapped up another successful semester with mostly A’s and B+’s from my private students. Some, however, learn that business school isn’t where they’re meant to be. I pretty commonly get thank you notes/emails from those A students, but this one really moved me:

I want to thank you for tutoring me this semester. I thoroughly enjoyed your consistent energy you brought to every session and your genuine care for how your students performed. I also appreciated how honest you were with me about my shortcomings- it inspired me to work harder. I hated going to accounting class this semester, but actually enjoyed your approach to teaching it on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. I have decided to change my major, so I do not think we will have the chance to work together again. I look forward to hearing all about accounting 2 from my roommate. I hope you and your family have a safe and healthy holiday season and new year.

And that my friends, is why I do what I do.

Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about (especially in the holiday season).
Be kind.

3 thoughts on “Put the Message in the Box

  1. Steph says:

    If Sadie has any lotion left to sell, I’d gladly buy some and pay for postage. You’re raising a wonderful daughter. I love when you write about her. I just found some letters my dad wrote to me when he was in Vietnam and I was 2-4 years old. I’m glad he included some drawings as I am sure I didn’t understand what he was talking about then. Pretty sure you have the same, deep relationship with your daughter.

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