Blood Bank

I’ll be honest with y’all, this is as much about sharing the music as it is about reporting anything new. Though I do have my second treatment on Tuesday and I’m fascinated to see what happens.

After the first treatment I had significant swelling in the nodes in my throat and chest (a good thing), to the point that (I think) the pressure created a slight cough whenever I laughed or talked intently, as I do on occasion. Followed by next to nothing noticeable for the last week. Curious to see if this will be a consistent yet decreasing rhythm of swelling and shrinking of the lymph nodes. Dr. Nik’s PA told me I should expect to see noticeable improvement in two – three treatments. Am I imagining progress after one? I certainly feel good.

Pathology should be back from Emory, so I should hear something about that on Tuesday as well. Slides are en route to Seattle too. We’re talking bodily samples, so Blood Bank sorta fits, right?

In the meantime, Sadie’s quite improved in Badminton in just two weeks. She beat me Thursday (game to 11, win by two, final score 15-13). That’s been a great birthday present and has been great hang time for both of us. She got to play in the last CMS volleyball game and was sooo excited – after the game she was an energy force you could feel from ten feet away. Trapeze on Saturdays and doing well in school. Things seem to be on a really good track, thanks for asking.

My teaching is going great. Test week for two classes has passed and another coming up. Got a text from a new student, sent as she left her test: “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!”
The money is good but that’s why I do it. Lucky to have my dream job.

I went with Kelly G to see Arthur Buck on Thursday night at the Watt. Great crowd of friends and it always blows me away how much talent comes through Athens on a regular basis. Always good fun to see Peter, Linda, but super special to see Scott McCaughey on stage again.
Inspiring. Life is good.
Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
Be kind.

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