Don’t Talk

First treatment went well. Happy to report I’m not in the 3 – 7% who experience labored breathing or GI issues from the meds.

Silpa (my 2nd opinion) agrees with the treatment plan, so that’s good to know. Dr Nik is sending tissue samples to Emory for further testing; I’m sending slides to Lisa for analysis as well. It’s really nice to know smart people.

Main side effect of this drug, given that I’m not susceptible to the two above, is fatigue. I’ve already been going to bed in the 9:00 pm range, so that’s nothing new. Next treatment is September 18.

Every person you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.
Be kind.

9 thoughts on “Don’t Talk

  1. Josh Dawson says:

    You’re inspiration to a lot of people. Thank you for letting us join you on this journey. I can’t wait to continue to read your posts. Keep fighting and keep laughing my friend!

  2. Steph says:

    Glad you have such smart people watching out for you. You need to add a frisbee to your collage though. Glad that first treatment is behind you. Always here for you!

  3. Susan Lahey says:

    Only Tony Eubanks would have a cancer blog with cool music to accompany it. Not surprising, the blog is as interesting as you are. And offered such hope–you have a wonderfully positive attitude and the support of so many smart doctors and friends. I’ll be cheering you along the journey, and look forward to hearing your insights as you travel this path. I’m just up the road if you need anything.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Sleep when you’re tired, and eat when you’re hungry. It’s a day by day process, embrace your Buddhist side and live in the now. Keep us posted. I love you, Tony Eubanks.

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